Chilling piece on copyright legislation must read

The Electronic Frontier Foundation, Demand Progress and at least one academic are sounding the alarm about a copyright infringement bill that could cost some of us our free speech.

Dan Gillmor, author of We the Media and director of the Knight Center of Digital Media Entrepreneurship at Arizona State University, wrote a chilling article about the “Combating Online Infringements and Counterfeits Act” in Salon. Simply put, he calls it “yet another dishonest conflating of infringement and counterfeiting, but that’s standard for lawmakers.”

In essence, the law would allow sites that are deemed to be infringing on copyright to be blocked by Internet Service Providers. The problem is the legislation is currently written very broadly. Demand Progess, a Progressive campaigning site founded by Aaron Swartz, has an excellent fact sheet on the legislation here. That means that sites the courts have already deemed as not violating copyright could be blocked under the new legislation.

Gillmor argues that most of us haven’t heard of the bill because corporate media has a vested interest in its passage.

Quite frankly, the fact that Gillmor is concerned about the impact of this legislation is enough for me. I have great respect for him and his work. If he’s worried, I’m worried.

For more on the debate, see Gillmor’s piece. To look at the legislation, go here.

I Guess My Dad is NOT The Stig …

The Media Law Case of the Week involves a secret identity and international intrigue.

Fans of the BBC‘s “Top Gear” show have been wondering for years who The Stig is. The Stig races cars on the popular British show that showcases and tests automobiles in a variety of unique and humorous ways. The Stig is covered from head to toe, including a visored helmet.

Now, despite “Top Gear”‘s court efforts to stop the revelation, The Stig’s identity is known, according to the Telegraph. “Top Gear” wanted to keep The Stig’s identity a secret, but a court has ruled the show cannot stop the publication of The Stig’s book.

So who is The Stig? Check it out here.

I guess it’s not my dad after all …

Media Law Musings

Here are a few gems related to media law that I’ve run into lately. These are the kind of finds I love to mention in media law classes because everyone has heard of the parties involved or because, quite frankly, of the “strange” factor.

  • Droid: Did you know that Lucasfilm Ltd. of Star Wars fame owns the trademark to the word Droid, the name of the Verizon Wireless phone you see advertised everywhere? I noticed at the end of one such ad a disclaimer that “Droid” was the trademark of Lucasfilm Ltd. Verizon Wireless licenses it. Wikipedia tells more.
  • The Naked Cowboy versus The Naked Cowgirl: The Naked Cowboy says he trademarked the Naked Cowboy brand and she is violating it. I don’t know what’s better: the fact the CNN anchor refers to Robert Burck, a.k.a. the Naked Cowboy, repeatedly as “Naked” as if that were his name or the fact the cowboy sings an answer. Trust me, it’s worth your time to watch.
  • “Barbie, Political Philosopher”: Tom W. Bell writes on The Technology Liberation Front blog about a great line the Barbie character in Toy Story 3 had. He put the quote on a T-shirt (pictured in his post) and carefully notes why he does not think he is violating any copyright or trademark. Good luck, Mr. Bell. I’d love one of those shirts, but I can’t see the companies not asking you to stop.

Politicians in trouble over alleged theft of works

You find yourself troubled by politicians using others’ works without permission.

You may ask yourself, “What is wrong with them?”

You may tell yourself these politicians do not represent you.

“Same as it ever was. Same as it ever was.”

Forgive me, Talking Heads, for my horrible parody of “Once in a Lifetime.” At least I am acknowledging it and being clear you had nothing to do with it — unlike a certain political candidate in Florida.

David Byrne, former singer of Talking Heads, is suing Florida Gov. Charlie Christ for using “Road to Nowhere” in a campaign commercial without his permission. Byrne is seeking $1 million.

Sadly, Christ is not the only one accused of stealing intellectual property. According to the Washington Post, Idaho Congressional Candidate Vaughn Ward, who has Sarah Palin’s support, is accused of plagiarizing an Obama speech.

See for yourself. The evidence is unbelievably damning.

‘Brothers’ name leads to trademark issue

The Media Law Case of the Week features the little guy taking on a big restaurant chain.

Jim Karagas opened My Brother’s Bar 30 years ago in Denver, according to the Denver Business Journal. Now a chain of restaurants called Brothers Bar and Grill wants to open an eatery in Denver, and it has filed a complaint in U.S. District Court asking for permission to use “Brothers” in its name. Karagas says he is worried about confusion.

Here’s hoping the little guy wins this one

Journajunkie Back in Business

I apologize for the break. Sometimes, as you know, life gets in the way of, well, life. But now Journajunkie is back.

Here’s an idea so great I wish I had thought of it. Webbmedia created a google calendar that lists nothing but social media and journalism conferences.

You can search by month or week, get details on individual conferences and even download the entry to your own calendar. Beautiful. Thanks to @jeffjarvis and @knightfdn for tweeting about this calendar.

Beyond the Newsroom: Blogging and Rethinking

Here are the top three ideas I left Day One of the Beyond the Newsroom seminar with: (The seminar is sponsored by the American Press Institute with The Poynter Institute.)

  • 1. Bloggers and Citizen Journalists are not the enemy. In fact, they could help strengthen newspapers’ bond with their readers and provide valuable content. So says John Wilpers, a veteran journalist who is now working as a consultant. He said journalists shouldn’t think of bloggers as replacements. Instead, think of them as covering something journalists don’t. Journalists are still needed, but so are bloggers. He noted that in his experience, some bloggers he has worked with became the best word-of-mouth advertisers for the newspaper. He convinced me.
  • 2. There are innovative journalists out there taking chances — and succeeding. Susan Goldberg, editor of The Plain Dealer, described how eight newspapers in Ohio share stories and work on projects together. What makes this surprising is these newspapers have different owners. Goldberg described how this sharing has allowed them to pay for state-wide polling and provide more depth of coverage on the state as a whole. They don’t share everything. If there is an area of competition, it remains. However, they do share stories daily and run the stories with the original bylines.
  • 3. There is not a one-size-fits-all solution for newspapers and online news providers. Butch Ward, managing director and faculty member of The Poynter Institute, noted that each organization is going to have to explore ideas and take a chance on those that might work for it. There is no easy fix to attracting readers and making money.

The seminar continues through Wednesday. I’ll post more highlights here later this week.

Seminar to focus on newspaper newsrooms

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be blogging and tweeting (@marducey) from the Beyond the Newsroom Seminar being sponsored by the American Press Institute and The Poynter Institute.

The seminar focuses on ways newsrooms are tackling providing quality journalism in cash-strapped times. Speakers include author and media blogger Jeff Jarvis of Buzz Machine, and Charles Lewis of the Investigative Reporting Workshop.

I’m looking forward to learning about ideas being worked on in the newsroom trenches and to sharing that with you. I’d be remiss if I did not thank the James H. Ottaway Fellowship program for making it possible for me to attend API’s seminar.

If you are a jounajunkie like me, I encourage you to check out the American Press Institute’s offerings. In addition to opportunities to learn about the newspaper industry, the group offers a number of fellowships to make its programs accessible.

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Adult web site claims trademark infringement

A Las Vegas adult escort web site has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against a company that provides background checks for use of the term “date check,” according to the Las Vegas Sun.

Here are the dirty details:

DCAEV Inc., which runs the escort site, argues that Intelius is violating its trademark with “DateCheck,” a mobile app that does a background search on, well, your date.

“With DateCheck you know longer have to rely on your intuition or what the guy tells you,” a YouTube ad for the mobile app DateCheck says. “Look up before you hook up.”

DCAEV also claims Intelius is cybersquatting and using deceptive trade practices.

The Las Vegas Sun offers a PDF of the court filing here.

Only in Vegas, baby.

Great place to see coverage of Obama victory

Check out Poynter’s web site for a look at today’s front pages and screen grabs of news sites. It’s a great way to see how this historic election is being covered outside your neck of the woods.

Oh so not teckie

I asked students in one of my classes today how many knew how to do a screen capture. One. One student out of 30 knew how to do a screen capture.

I shouldn’t be shocked, yet it always seems to surprise me when they don’t know tech tools, especially simple ones. Are they just not curious? Are they afraid? Neither attribute is a solid start for a journalist.

I prefer to think they simply believe that some IT/computer whiz works his/her magic and makes all these online things happen. And I’m determined to show them that they, too, can be this mysterious IT/computer whiz. (And I’m happy to report almost all took notes on how to do screen captures.)

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How many newspaper bigwigs does it take …?

Mark Potts has a hilarious post on the upcoming meeting of newspaper executives to save, well, newspapers.

Anyone who has worked in journalism will understand this …

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Twitter and newspapers

Tom Cheredar writes an interesting post about how newspapers should use Twitter for a conversation, not just as an alternate RSS feed.

I must confess I like getting links and news through Twitter, but I tend to follow the links sent with personal, conversational comments. It fits right with his research found.

All you ever wanted to know about the U.S. Supreme Court

When I was trolling the web for some free speech legal news, I discovered a New York Times page completely focused on the U.S. Supreme Court.

The page includes everything a multimedia package, bios on the justices, court documents, links to blogs and the usual case updates. For media law junkies like me, it is fabulous.

What will TV news do without newspapers?

The New York Post features a witty yet depressing piece on the fate of TV news if newspapers do, indeed, die (Thanks, Romensko, for pointing this out!).

When I was a newspaper reporter, it used to frustrate our staff that we would write something, turn on the radio and hear the exact same story word for word. The radio reporters at a couple local stations would simply read our stories on the air. (That eventually changed after vocal protests from the then-editor.) The TV reporters in our area would at least do their own stories.

While I was angry then, thinking about the possibility that some TV or radio broadcasters would be left with nothing without newspapers and would be filling the air with who-knows-what while completely missing the boat on news important to the lives of their viewers and listeners makes me even angrier.

One way or another, the news industry has to change. Newspapers have got to find a way to be vital to people’s lives and broadcasters who are troubled by this (as the longtime broadcaster in the NY Post piece was) need to demand better.


Soundslides, my hat’s off to you

I’m going to be teaching my convergence journalism students about Soundslides tomorrow. For those of you who don’t know what it is, here goes. Soundslides is a super easy, super cool way to make slide shows with photos and sound, whether that sound be music or audio of someone speaking.

It wasn’t that long ago Soundslides used to be free. Now you have to pay for it, but it’s well worth it. (Price $40 to $70 depending on how complex you want to get.) You can try out a demo for free.

If you want to learn all the tricks of Soundslides Plus without stumbling through them yourself, here’s a helpful tutorial on the subject.

The Watchdogs are alive …

The New York Times and Los Angeles Times have petitioned to get access to secret government records about the anthrax case from 2001. No word on the ruling yet, but I applaud the effort. This ruined Dr. Stephen Hatfill’s life and just because it happened years ago does not mean journalists should let it drop.

If the government was wrong about Hatfill, a man then Attorney General John Ashcroft labeled “a person of interest” in interviews with numerous TV shows, why should we believe it is right about its accusations against a dead man? Hatfill could and did fight the accusations. Bruce Ivins has no such option.

Oh, and Ashcroft’s folly merely cost taxpayers $5.82 million.

Fascinating Blog Battle on Fate of Newspapers

Bloggers are taking on the American Press Institute’s “crisis summit” on the future of newspapers and one can only hope that in the end the winner will be news consumers.

API’s summit, “Saving an Industry in Crisis,” ended with no real plan or ideas — except to meet again in six months. That no-solution solution got on several bloggers radars–and under their skins. (See Martin Langeveld, Steve Outing, and Kristufek’s We Media.

I’m going to ask my convergence journalism students tomorrow what ideas they would take to a Manhattan project. I’ll let you know the results tomorrow.

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The students of the ‘Manhattan Project’

Following up on yesterday’s debate about the fate of newspapers, I had some of my journalism students get in groups and consider what they would suggest if they were to attend some kind of “Manhattan Project” designed to save newspapers, as Martin Langeveld suggested.

Here are a few of the groups’ ideas:

* “Get public input and make the topic of saving newspapers official, not just scattered on blogs.”

* “A web site for the ‘Manhattan Project’ where innovative and ‘young’ journalists can collaborate and voice their opinions”

* “Take papers away for a week–see how much outrage (or not) there is” (That could be scary. What if there were very little outrage?)

* “Pop-up newspapers–put art/craft things in there”

* “Cheaper editions of papers, with ‘paper boys’ selling these editions on the street for 25 cents”

* “Sell sections separately” and make newspapers “more like a book or magazine”

Several of the groups thought it would be a good idea to have some kind of a “reward system” for newspaper readers. One group suggested, “If you read newspapers, you turn it into a company, get a prize, recycle — like Pizza Hut Book It.”

One response that I as a former newspaper reporter who still loves to get the ink on my hands am having trouble bringing up follows:

“Let it die! The Internet is taking over. Sell ads online.”

Federal court OKs public release of anthrax case info

Score a victory for the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times.

U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth has ordered the Justice Department to release information used to get search warrants for the home of a former suspect in the 2001 anthrax case and his then-girlfriend. (See full story.)

Former Army scientist Stephen Hatfill has long since been exonerated, but some of you may remember the search. It was shown live on TV, as were comments by the then-Attorney General John Ashcroft that labeled Hatfill “a person of interest.”

The anthrax case is still making headlines, as the FBI centers its case on former Army scientist Bruce Ivins, a suspect who killed himself.

Scary libel case decision in NJ

A NJ appeals court has ruled a newspaper can be sued for libel for reporting complaints made in court documents before the case goes to court.

Talk about scary. If a journalist can’t report on government records until the government wants it to, what is next?

An oldie but goodie …

I used 22 Things Never to Say to A Newspaper Designer in my class today. This is fabulous! And the students laughed at #10, perhaps because of my wardrobe …t

Cruel and callous

This is a bit off topic, but it angers me. What angers me most is I’m not surprised by this.

As the New York Times reports, a 19-year-old threatened to kill himself online, posted the link, then did it. Instead of trying to stop him, he was reportedly “egged on” by other posters.

This is sick, but it’s just the next step down a sad hill. People have exhibited Internet cruelty for years. My students deal with insults and rumors posted by anonymous fellow students on juicycampus far too often.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m for free speech. I just wish people would use their voices in a responsible way. Like maybe telling a suicidal man to stop. And maybe, just maybe, trying to change the world for the better, not the worse.

Where’s Homer Simpson when you need him…

I am incredibly glad I don’t have to write the “Recession is official” story. Wow, there’s some breaking news. We’re in a recession? Who knew?

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A valiant effort

The students at the campus newspaper I advise faced a world of tech hell the past 48 hours. Their server crashed and died. Then they found out the backup server also failed. A tech guy put together a makeshift system for them and the people from the company who publish the paper said it should work for outputting the pages. Unfortunately, they were wrong.

After hours of trying to tweak and resend the pages, the editor in chief and executive editor were faced with a horrible decision. Do they put out a print edition with horrible photos and poor quality, or do they cancel the print edition and put out only an online edition?

They chose to do the online edition only. It was a hard choice, but in the end, they didn’t want to put out a bad paper. It was a decision that I think nearly broke some of their hearts.

Their experience highlights some of the best of journalism. If it was going to be bad, they wanted no part of it. They want quality. I hope these standards stick with them throughout their careers and they never settle for less.


Here’s some useful links:

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Organic Living Includes Your Bedding!

So you’ve chosen to buy natural items that will function in harmony with nature. You eat organic foods and physical exercise consistently. Now it’s time to assemble the room where you spend one-third of your life and normally, you want it to be as natural and healthy as it can be. To produce an organic bed room, the concentration ought to be to fend off obsolete, hot, and allergenic bedding and welcome organic and organic bed linen. Organic and natural bed linen is not just much better for the setting due to the fact that the materials are increased and made without dangerous chemicals, however the fibers provide excellent comfort to you, your children, your sleeping companion, and even your grandparents.

Sleep on a more natural bamboo bed linen

Bamboo for Life sheets  are practical to those who deal with hot flashes or evening sweats. The ordinary individual sends out regarding 400 milliliters water every evening. In all various other bedding, that wetness is absorbed in to the bedding and caught between you and your sheets creating harsh getting too hot. Bamboo on the various other hand wicks that moisture far from the physical body and out of the bed linens, keeping you a lot more comfy relaxing and never too hot. Additionally, bamboo heets made without dyes and chemical bleaches are softer and gentler to your skin, a terrific comfort to people struggling with asthma, hot flashes, night sweats, or allergies.

Assess your bamboo duvet cover

Numerous have actually come to depend on bamboo quest every evening for its exceptional convenience, anti-microbial residential properties, and moisture wicking abilities. However, those changed to the superiority of bamboo linens often find themselves muddle-headed when purchasing a comforter, eventually having to choose the large box retailers’ old and tired down feather or cotton-poly filled comforters. These outdated comforters impede the perks of bamboo linens and bamboo slabs due to the fact that they control the insulation on your bed, introducing microbe-friendly and moisture nurturing materials and packing.

The Bottom Line

You’re sleep is also valuable and it costs doing the study and buying that will concentrate to remove air-borne irritants like allergen, pollen, mold and mildew, mildew and mold, germs, pc virus, and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that disrupt rest and could present long-term wellness issues. So, when you are in the market for brand-new natural comforter, remember an organic comforter, especially made from bamboo, is not only above down in health and wellness benefits and temperature rule, hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial but likewise eco-friendly and the greatest in client satisfaction. Do not go for an out-of-date, hot, and allergenic bed linens, you’re rest is truly one of the most prize points you have. Write-up Resource:

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The Growing Need For Office Space In Shanghai

Shanghai is not only the largest city in The Republic of China, but also the largest city in the world as far as population is concerned. Located in the rich river delta of Yangtze, it has been a centre for trade and commerce for the last few centuries. Being the financial and commercial heart of China, the city has to provide world class infrastructure and services to businesses from around the world. The major industries in Shanghai are real estate, retail and financial services. It is a fast growing economy with GDP growth among the top in the world.

This rapid growth rate needs to be supported by the correct infrastructure and policy reforms to help all businesses flourish in the city. The first step to attract investors in this business hub is to provide high standard office spaces and business centres to boost their progress. Office space in Shanghai is no doubt more expensive than most commercial cities in the world attributed to the fasted growing GDP and the exploding population. To resolve this problem, business enterprises in Shanghai are exploring new and innovative options to optimize the space utilization.

There are a wide range of office spaces in Shanghai to choose from, like serviced offices that provide extra services specific to the office needs along with luxurious office spaces and also virtual offices that saves valuable space and money of the client. Huge business complexes also accommodate a number of business enterprises.

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Two More Product To Join The Growing List of Warts and HPV Treatment

Wartrol is the second OTC Human Papilloma Virus infection product from Schering. The company received the green light from the Food & Drug Administration to transfer Wartamine, another HPV antifungal, in November 1990 and began marketing that product in January 1991. For more information about wartrol visit this site

Is Schering going to compete with itself? “We based our decision (to introduce Wartrol) on consumer research that indicated women are looking for a prescription-strength over-the-counter product at a lower price than what’s currently out there,” said Schering spokesman Dough Petkus.

Schering also feels that many consumers will continue to choose Wartamine. “There will still be those women who will be willing to pay more money because they’re loyal to the product,” Petkus said.

Introduction of Wartol as a nonprescription product is being supported by national television and consumer print advertising, as well as through a variety of consumer promotions, according to Miles spokesman Greg Decker.

The roll-out of Wartrol is also being backed by consumer TV and print ads, but this doesn’t imply that advertising for Wartamine will be eased in any way. “The Wartamine campaign will remain aggressive; in fact, Wartamine will be promoted more extensively than Wartrol,” Petkus emphasized.

No major impact: Introduction of the two products is unlikely to have a major impact on the market share of current leading brands Wartamine and Wartrol, Hemant Shah of HKS & Co., a Warren, N.J.-based market research firm, told Drug Topics. “Unless new products offer a significant (therapeutic) advantage over the existing ones, the leading players will continue to dominate the market.”

Will Wartrol (Ortho Pharmaceuticals) have an advantage in being the one OTC HPV antifungal to have miconazole nitrate as the active ingredient? No, Shah said. “Wartrol’s strength lies in the consumer’s recognition of its manufacturer and name, not its active ingredient.”

Two more over-the-counter products are now available for the treatment of Human Papilloma Virus infections. Schering-Plough’s Wartrol and Miles’ Wartol both feature clortimazole as the active ingredient. They are both targeted at women seeking prescription strength remedies at lower prices. Analysts say that the new products are unlikely to affect the existing market share of the Schering-Plough’s Wartamine and Ortho Pharmaceutical’s Wartrol since the latter have extensive brand name recognition.

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Starting Up a Successful Marketing Business

Marketing can be made easy if you are well connected, possess great sales skills or if you are creative with marketing methods. Network marketing for example is a good opportunity for people that are interested in generating their own money although results aren’t instant, the job allows flexibility and has no limitations as to what you can earn.

Know Your Product

When you apply to network market, you need to be aware of the product that you are selling. Potential consumers will have questions and you need to be able to answer them without a problem as this not only looks good on the product itself but also presents you in a very professional manner.

Learn from Mistakes and Successes

If you have been marketing for a long time then you will have had ups and downs. Learn from your mistakes and successes; avoid marketing techniques that didn’t work and re-use techniques that did to maximize your chances of making sales. Alternatively, you can look at this great marketing blog for more tips about network marketing.

Stand Out

Offer something that your competitors don’t and make sure that you make the customer want to make a sale through you. E.g. if you were selling a makeup product you can offer a free tutorial on how to apply it.

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A Concrete Driveway Perfect For Any Environment

For many home owners, concrete driveways are just not appealing. In many cases they dont hold up well, last very long or look very attractive. Some people feel they are better off without a driveway at all instead of dealing with a concrete driveway.

A Sydney area concrete firm has solved that problem and can install or resurface concrete driveways quickly, neatly, professionally and at a very reasonable cost. The reason for this is the development of additives that significantly increase the strength and durability of all of their concrete products and the ability to add colour and a pattern for a classic look.

Two of the most common causes for the deterioration of concrete driveways are cracking and the breakage of the concrete and the effects of water, weeds and grass. Regular concrete tends to shrink as it dries so cracks begin early in the life of most driveways. This leads to weak spots that crumble and small holes form that only get worse as time goes on.

With the superior concrete available from this company, fibre mesh, adhesives and bonding compounds eliminate shrinkage and improve water-tightness which effectively eliminate the causes of deterioration. The result is that these concrete driveways are suitable for any environment and add to the visual appeal of the property.

Style is an important consideration when given the choice. With the availability of 15 different colours and 6 patterns that imitate the appearance of a variety of stones and bricks, it is possible to create any number of unique effects. A concrete driveway can match or complement the home, natural environment or some other property feature. The colours can be used to blend in subtly or make a bold statement. The patterns carry on the effect of landscaping walls, naturally occurring formations or simply add an interesting element to an otherwise plain appearance.

All of these options simply mean that there are concrete driveways that are perfect for any environment, provide great value for cost and significantly add to the visual appeal of the property.

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Go Online And Find A Reliable Temecula Property Management Team

You should never have to stress too much about the large amount of work that needs to be conducted within each one of your rental properties. Are you willing to work very hard in order to ensure the overall success of your rental business? If this is the case, you will need to make sure all the management tasks are completed properly within each rental property. If you cannot find ample time to handle all the maintenance, landscaping and many other tasks, it would be very wise for you to find and hire a reliable Temecula property management team. You should make sure the company you decide to hire does not have any trouble handling the aforementioned management tasks.

You can go online and check out which company may be best for you to hire. It can be very important for you to check out some Temecula property companies that have very good track records with prior and current clients. Once you are able to find the ideal Temecula property management team that has already satisfied many clients, it would probably be advisable for you to hire the same company to take care of all the management tasks within each one of your properties.

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New DUI Lawyers Are Easy To Find

It seems that more and more people are getting DUI’s on a daily basis than ever. It is not because more and more people are out there driving drunk, it is because the police are cracking down on drunk and driving and are doing everything that they can in order to stop people from drunk driving. This should stay in the back of your head if you are looking to get into your car and drive after a night of drinking, even if you think you might be able to drive, because if you are not sure whether you are sober enough to drive then chances are that you should not drive.

There are two areas in Rhode Island that bring in a lot of DUI charges every week. This is because they are places that have a lot of bars and restaurants and a lot of people go there to drink. If you are are ever caught in the situation where you are being charged with a DUI then you want to make sure that you protect yourself and go out and hire a DUI lawyer. If you are being charged with a DUI in the two towns of Warwick or Newport, then know that there are a lot of DUI lawyers that practice in those two towns. It makes things a lot more easy for you if you are being charged in one of those two towns. In Newport, you do not have to go very far to find a good Newport DUI lawyer and the same goes for Warwick as well. If you are being charged with a DUI in Warwick, then you do not have to go very far to simply hire a Warwick DUI lawyer. But at the end of the day, as long as you hire a lawyer that practices law in Rhode Island, then you are better off.

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